Group Canine Education Class
    These classes are designed for dogs of all ages.

    Whether you are looking for an obedience competitor, a Canine
    Good Citizen, or just a well behaved companion - group classes
    are "paws down"  your best bet.  Money matters, let me save you
    some. Group classes are the most economical way to educate
    your pet.  They are also a great family activity.  All members of
    YOUR pack are encouraged to attend and participate.  This helps
    to make sure that everyone in the house is on the same page
    when it comes to your pet's training; thereby reducing the mixed
    signals that may complicate your dogs understanding of what is
    acceptable behaviors.
Professional, Affordable Solutions To
Canine Behavior
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    Group obedience classes are so much more than barking orders at your pet - "HEEL!" "SIT!" "STAY!"  They provide your 4
    legged friend with exercise, mental stimulation, socialization & a new way to please you.  Your dog may be an obedience all
    star at home but can she/he sit/stay around a group of new people, dogs, sights, smells, and countless other distractions?  The
    answer may surprise you, but either way you'll both have a blast.

    *Exercise - BE HONEST, does your dog get the proper amount of exercise for their breed?  Daily physical activities not only
    help keep your pet healthy, but are key factor in eliminating many behavior problems.

    *Mental Stimulation - Pet boredom  can arise from a lack of stimuli, it's not like Fido can grab the remote and entertain
    himself.  Boredom can lead to destructive behaviors among other things.  When you begin obedience training your pet learns
    new skills which can be practiced to keep their minds sharp and busy.  It's also a new way that your pet can make you happy -
    which in the end is all they really want.

    *Socialization - As pack animals, it is imperative that your dog develop proper social skills, not to mention it's great way for you
    both to have fun while bonding.

Class enrollment is continual, there is
No Waiting Period.
Even though you are part of a group, your pets
All Star experience is completely personalized.
At the initial evaluation and during classes your
pets behavior is accessed and at the end of the
class they will be given "homework."
(What we'd like you to work on that week.)
Private Training
Private training is available at our location or
your home.  Contact us to schedule your free
behavior analysis.
Single Class Pass - $30
7 Class Package - $120
Pay as you go pricing on packages
This is a picture of a class in Florida.  The classes I hold in Parma Heights will be much smaller.

Locations, Times, and Info
*The classes are held outdoors, so please dress accordingly with comfy footwear.

*All dogs must be current on vaccines     *Each dog must have their own handler

Saturday  Mornings At 10:00 am      Questions or More Info -
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Pearl Road in Parma Heights
Parma Heights Location (Greenbriar Commons)